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A Chinese reality television singing competition broadcast on Zhejiang Television.

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Final Round of Selection Part 1

Experience China's version of the singing competition where four celebrity coaches choose their teams based on voice alone without being able to see the singers. It's the last round of the blind auditions as the coaches fight to get the best singers on their teams.

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Twenty-year-old Wang Qiwei has always felt ashamed that his girly voice doesn't match his manly appearance. Will the coaches give him the confidence he needs to shine?

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Zhao Ke has had intensive classical music training since he was just ten years old. However, his real passion is for jazz. Can he fulfill his dream of bringing jazz to a wider audience of Chinese listeners?

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A young truck driver gives himself one last chance to prove to his skeptical father that he has the talent to make it as a singer. But first, he has to convince the coaches.

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Having already filled his team of 14, Coach Yang Kun gets to enjoy the show along with the audience. Take a look back at the contestants he snagged. Plus, a single mother delivers a moving performance for her daughter.

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All the contestants have performed, but three of the four coaches still have one spot left on their teams. The best of the unclaimed contestants are given one more chance to impress the coaches and go on to the next round. A big girl with a big dream is first up.

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The second contestant returning to the stage for one last shot at making a team is a rock vocalist from Shandong. The coaches have plenty of critique for her but are also impressed by her range and emotional intensity. Will she make the cut?

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Yu Chengqing has completed his team to take to the next round of the competition. Take a look back at his 14 picks. There are still two coaches who need to find one more singer each. Can the technically flawless Li Haohan put enough emotion into his performance to move one of the coaches?

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Liu Huan has just completed his team of talented vocalists. Take a look at the 14 contestant he'll coach in the hopes of winning "The Voice."

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An aeronautical researcher from Inner Mongolia sings of wild geese and the grasslands in a moving performance. Will it be good enough to win the last spot in the competition, a place on Na Ying's team?

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A mother and huge Yang Jun fan returns to The Voice stage. Yang Kun's team is already full, but perhaps Na Ying will take her under her wing.

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Coach Na Ying still has one more spot left on her team. Take a look back at the 13 talented singers she's picked so far.

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With only one spot left to make the next round of the competition, the stakes are high for a young music teacher from Shenzhen. In his first performance in front of the coaches, Na Ying thought his song choice was the reason no one picked him. Will she turn her chair this time?

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difficulty - Intermediate Intermediate
China, Shanxi Shanxi

Huayin Laoqiang Opera - Tan Weiwei Part 1

The Voice of China contestant, Tan Weiwei, prepares to perform a song she composed with a Laoqiang music group from Huayin.

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On The Voice of China, Tan Weiwei performs a song she composed with a Laoqiang music group from Huayin.

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The judges of The Voice of China stand together in support of the Laoqiang music group from Huayin.

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Before singing her next song, The Voice of China contestant, Tan Weiwei, has some advice for her audience.

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The Voice of China contestant, Tan Weiwei, performs a cover of Emil Chau's "Storyteller."

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