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Chinese Traditions - Bamboo Culture - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 1:45     Accent: Chinese

Famous stars are put to the test to see if they know the proper uses of bamboo utensils.

MV - You Are My Guiding Eyes

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 4:44     Accent: Chinese

This song, originally performed by blind Taiwanese pop singer, Xiao Huang-Chi, expresses the deep feelings the singer has for his partner, who guides him through life holding his hand- literally and figuratively.

Historic Chinese Legends, Tales and Idioms - Hua Bin Chong Ji

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 1:37     Accent: Chinese

Find out how a passage from Cao Pi inspired the saying "to draw cakes to allay hunger" (To comfort oneself with illusions).

iPartment - Episode 2 - Part 24

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 1:47     Accent: China

Meijia was caught by "cheating" on Ziqiao with the new guy who just moved in. Is she really cheating?

Musical Instruments - The Basics of Guitar - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 1:17     Accent: Chinese

This video introduces the basic parts of the guitar and what happens when you tighten or loosen its strings.

Chinese Characters - Chinese Names - Part 6

Difficulty: advanced Chinese     Length: 1:58     Accent: Chinese

This interesting discussion on the origins of Chinese last names and clan names shows how the tradition has evolved from the matriarchal to the patriarchal practice.

Micro-film - Father - Chopstick Brothers - Part 11

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 2:31     Accent: Chinese

Yan Yan's father holds his daughter's hand to walk her down the aisle, but is he ready to give her away?

The Connoisseur - Wine and Western Food - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 0:01     Country: China

How exactly do you know which kinds of wines should be paired with which dishes? From Cabernets to Pinot Noirs, it’s not always so simple. In this video, learn about which wines were meant to go with which flavors and how to pair them properly.

Chinese Traditions - Chopsticks - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 1:04     Accent: Chinese

While everyone holds chopsticks to eat in China, what is the proper way to do so? What is the proper chopstick-holding etiquette and what do people from different parts of China believe about it?

TV News - The Chain of Life - Part 4

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 3:06     Accent: Chinese

The last chapter of a moving story with a happy ending. The protagonists talk about their feelings and thoughts.

Chinese Characters - Stationery

Difficulty: beginner Chinese     Length: 3:11     Accent: Chinese

Learn some useful words to describe stationery such as ruler, pencil, eraser, tape, etc.

Chinese Traditions - Paper Cutting - Part 4

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 2:15     Accent: Chinese

It is truly an amazing sight to watch a master cut intricate patterns with merely a pair of scissors and a piece of paper! Paper cutting is a traditional art form, which is still popular in China today. Watch how Ms. Ai, a master at paper cutting, continually expands her business and, at the same time, helps fellow women to earn extra income through paper cutting.

Chinese Traditions - Bamboo Culture - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 1:14     Accent: Chinese

Famous stars talk about the different uses of bamboo and the role it played in their childhood.

Chinese Characters - Five Thousand Years of Chinese Characters - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 2:15     Accent: Chinese

China is now an economic superpower, setting off a "Chinese Fever" that is now spreading all over the world.

Chinese Tea - Pu'er Tea - Part 5

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 2:01     Accent: Chinese

Chinese tea plays an important role in a Chinese family, within and beyond the shores of China. Pu’er tea is touted as a semi-rare tea. The most famous Pu’er tea is from the Yunnan Province in China. A good grade of Pu’er tea is expensive and its value increases with age. Learn all about the Pu’er tea, its varieties, grades, production, packaging, storage, etc., from this series of videos.

Historic Chinese Legends, Tales and Idioms - Yi Jian Shuang Diao

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 2:06     Accent: Chinese

Learn the story behind the saying, "To kill two birds with one stone."

Chinese Traditions - Paper Cutting - Part 3

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 1:46     Accent: Chinese

A Chinese woman, well known for her mastery in the Chinese art of paper cutting, shows younger generations the secrets and tips to make a perfect piece of art.

Chinese Calligraphy - The spirit of Chinese Calligraphy - Part 5

Difficulty: advanced Chinese     Length: 0:48     Accent: Chinese

Learn the benefits of studying Chinese calligraphy.

The Voice of China - Final Round of Selection - Part 7

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 6:54     Accent: Chinese

The second contestant returning to the stage for one last shot at making a team is a rock vocalist from Shandong. The coaches have plenty of critique for her but are also impressed by her range and emotional intensity. Will she make the cut?

iPartment - Episode 2 - Part 23

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese     Length: 1:46     Accent: China

Fei Fei catches Zeng Xiao Xian spying on Meijia. Zeng Xiao Xian throws out a bunch of old Chinese slang and poems to make his point, which confuses Fei Fei.

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