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:: :: I me my
什么 :: shénme :: what? who? something
:: :: you
:: shì :: is are am
我们 :: wǒmen :: we us ourselves
美国 :: Měiguó :: United States USA US
没错 :: méicuò :: that's right sure!
今年 :: jīnnián :: this year
:: shū :: book letter
有名 :: yǒumíng :: famous well-known
啤酒 :: píjiǔ :: beer
明天 :: míngtiān :: tomorrow
值钱 :: zhíqián :: valuable costly expensive
社区 :: shèqū :: community
和谐 :: héxié :: harmonious
手法 :: shǒufǎ :: technique trick skill
定义 :: dìngyì :: definition
场合 :: chǎnghé :: situation occasion
资助 :: zīzhù :: to subsidize to provide financial aid subsidy
乱扔 :: luànrēng :: to litter to throw away
增生 :: zēngshēng :: growth (of organism) proliferation
横向 :: héngxiàng :: horizontal orthogonal
狂野 :: kuángyě :: coarse and wild
狂野 :: kuángyě :: coarse and wild
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