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  • Trad.
    surname Chen vassal state during the Spring and Autumn Period 770-475 BC Chen of the Southern dynasties (557-589)
  • Chén Shuǐ biǎn
    Chen Shui-Bian (1950-), Taiwanese DPP 民進黨|民进党 politician, President of the Republic of China 2000-2008
  • Trad.
    to fit balanced suitable
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  • Trad.
    to lay out to exhibit to display to narrate to state to explain to tell old stale
  • Trad.
    chén jiù
  • Trad.
    chén jī
    sediment deposit sedimentation (geology)
  • tuī chén chū xīn
    to push out the old and bring in the new (idiom); to innovate to go beyond old ideas advancing all the time
  • Trad.
    dàn chén
  • chén jiàng
    to subside to cave in subsidence
  • Trad.
    chén shè
    to display to set out furnishings
  • Trad.
    xiāng chèn
    to match to suit mutually compatible
  • chén
    morning dawn daybreak
  • Trad.
    chén zhuó
    steady calm and collected not nervous
  • Trad.
    fěn chén
  • xiāo chén
    depressed bad mood low spirit
  • chén diàn diàn
  • Trad.
    chén mò
    to sink
  • chén jì
    silence stillness
  • shēn chén
    deep extreme dull low pitched (sound)
  • líng chén
    very early in the morning in the wee hours
  • shā chén bào
  • Trad.
    chèn zhí
    well qualified competent to be equal to the task able to do sth very well
  • chēn
    see 黑沉沉[hēi chēn chēn]
  • chén
    to submerge to immerse to sink to keep down to lower to drop deep profound heavy
  • chén jìn
    to soak to permeate to immerse
  • Trad.
    yān chén
    smoke and dust air pollution
  • Trad.
    chén diàn
    to settle to precipitate (solid sediment out of a solution)
  • chén mí
    to indulge to wallow
  • dà chén
    chancellor (of a monarchy) cabinet minister
  • Trad.
    Zhāng Zhèn
    Chang Chen (1976-), Taiwanese film actor
  • Trad.
    chén mèn
    oppressive (of weather) heavy depressed not happy
  • Trad.
    chèn xīn
    satisfactory agreeable
  • jūn chén
    a ruler and his ministers (old)
  • Trad.
    chèn tuō
    to set off
  • chén zhòng
    heavy hard serious critical
  • Trad.
    chén jìng
    peaceful quiet calm gentle
  • gōng chén
    minister who has given outstanding service
  • xīn chén dài xiè
    metabolism (biology) the new replaces the old (idiom)
  • Trad.
    yún chèn
    well proportioned well shaped
  • Trad.
    chén liè
    to display to exhibit
  • chèn
    to avail oneself of to take advantage of
  • chén nì
    to indulge in to wallow absorbed in deeply engrossed addicted
  • Trad.
    duì chèn
    symmetry symmetrical
  • chén zuì
    to become intoxicated
  • Trad.
    give alms underwear to line lining contrast assist
  • chén sī
    contemplate contemplation meditation ponder
  • Trad.
    yìng chèn
    to set off by contrast antithesis analogy parallelism (linguistics)
  • qīng chén
    early morning
  • chén tòng
    grief remorse deep in sorrow bitter (anguish) profound (condolences)
  • Trad.
    chén shù
    an assertion to declare to state
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