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The Connoisseur - Chinese Food and Wine

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese Country: China

Ever wonder how wine is paired with Chinese food? In this episode, Martin shows us how to bring them together in perfect harmony. And don’t forget to toast at your next meal!

Meaning of Happiness - Short Film

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese Country: China

Three people discuss the the meaning of happiness. For some it's living a good life and flourishing; for others it's the little things.

Shanghai Life - Buying Pets

Difficulty: advanced Chinese Country: China

China is full of pet markets. In this video, see one for yourself—and learn a little about the linguistic and cultural aspects of fish, insects, and bunnies.

In Chinese - Festival Food

Difficulty: beginner Chinese Country: China

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival, people eat moon cakes. How do you say it in Chinese?

Lydia Explains - Weekdays, Seasons and Months

Difficulty: intermediate Chinese Country: China

Lydia teaches us the weekdays, the seasons and the months in Chinese.

Fruit and Vegetable Market - Check out this local food market in Shanghai!

Difficulty: advanced Chinese Country: China

A fruit and vegetable market is the place to shop for fresh food in China. Come check out the great variety of food on display!

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